Friday, 10 April 2015



Again, more unpublished pictures from three months back.


I took these during winter but forgot to publish them. Hope you don't mind the delay.

From Winter's Bourne


I write odes to the north's past winter. There are no words in its cold heart to describe its beauty. 

Tree People

This morning at nine o'clock, I was woken by my mother's call. "Sanni!" (She is the only one to call me that.) She neglected to mention what she was bringing my attention to, and it was only an hour later I understood what she meant. The tree people were in our yard: friends who had come to take down the trees throwing shadows over everything.

This is my friend's father. 

I want to learn how to use a chainsaw.  

Per-Eric explaining something to my father.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Morning and Evening

Games in the evening 

Stretches in the morning 

Mamma's birthday! 

Sofia trying out my mom's cover trousers from the eighties. Mamma said she last wore them when she was pregnant with Joel.

One evening the little face of a curious cat looked in through the window, and in the morning we found its tracks on the hard crust of snow.